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Funeral Rule

You have Options!

According to the Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule:

You have the right to choose the funeral goods and services you want (with some exceptions). The funeral provider may not refuse, or charge a fee, to handle a casket you purchased elsewhere. The funeral provider must state this in writing on the general price list.

Using our experience, established relationship and huge buying power, Webb Discount Caskets is now available to offer fabulous caskets at incredibly low prices.

A huge part of the increasing cost of funerals is due to the rising cost of caskets. This problem is driving many people to use cremation as an alternative to burial. Webb Discount Caskets working with the industry professionals, is going to change that buy making beautiful caskets at factory direct prices without sacrificing quality or service.

Our primary purpose at Webb Discount Caskets is to provide high quality caskets coupled with a price that makes us the Best  Value Casket provider!

As you review our inventory, you will notice that we offer a wide variety of metal and wood caskets that are priced thousands of dollars below regular retail prices and hundreds of dollars less than other online casket  outlets.

Webb Discount Caskets in brief:

A wide selection of funeral casket choice with incredibly low Factory Direct prices. Free Delivery* to the funeral home or location of your choice. Fully insured product warranty and we stand behing every casket we sell. We will treat you with dignity and respect.

20 Gauge Texas Plus Sizes available 28'' 33'' 36''

18 Gauge Texas Plus Sizes available 28'' 32'' 34''

20 Gauge Steel Casket  From Alex Vangaurd Starts at $800.00

Do Not Tell The Funeral Home About Purchasing Our Casket Before You Get Their Itemized Funeral Price List.
Call Us Before Talking to ANY Funeral Home, Because Everything You Tell the Funeral Home Affects Your Funeral Pricing. We will tell you what to say.


You are under no obligation to buy caskets or urns from the funeral Home. In Texas, the law protects consumer by allowing you to purchase funeral items, such as caskets,from a source other than funeral home.


Watch out for High shipping costs!

Be aware of hidden shipping charges from similar companies if you are considering ordering direct via the internet; prices may appear lower until all fees are disclosed.  

Say goodbye to your loved ones with respect and dignity, but do so affordably. The last thing anyone wants to worry about after the loss of a loved one is the high cost of final expenses. Funeral directors know this $$$$, and inflate their prices knowing that their customers will not be inclined to complain. Our line of caskets are priced far lower about 85% than what you'll find at the funeral home, and offer a much wider selection. The model styles we offer will allow you to choose a final resting place that will best reflect the personality and style of your dearly departed.


How to Save on a Funeral

NEVER mention us until after the bill is written.
Some funeral homes have two price lists - which is illegal. If they even think you may provide your own casket they may give you the price list with the higher fees to offset their expected loss. You should negotiate pricing before you tell them you will supply your own casket.

After you get the total bill in writing (with their casket price), then its ok to let them know you will supply your own. This is the only true way to realize your savings. If they change any initial prices, then call the FTC, because that is highly illegal! Federal Trade Commission: 877-382-4357.

Compare at least 3 Funeral Homes